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STG 1203N Fire Fighting Suit, is made of 100% aromatic polyamide textile with superior moisture and heat resistance

Key Features

  • - Light compared with other fire fighting suits
  • - Lining with superior moisture and heat resistance
  • - Highly bright flame-retardant reflection tape for position marking
  • - Front upper cover for blocking penetration of hot air
  • - Water-absorption resistance fabric at the bottom of the firefighting suit for
      efficient waterproofing

Moisture barrier features

  • - Reduce heat stress through improved breathability.
  • - Technology for producing the lightest fire fighting suit.
  • - Excellent waterproof function.
  • - Maintains superior moisture resistance and thermal resistance.
  • - Prevents common chemicals and blood-infected viruses, as well as moisture
  • - Excellent durability, heat resistance and flame resistance.

Moisture barrier features Structure of
clothing material

  • - The moisture barrier blocks penetration of moisture from outside while allowing
      sweat to be emitted outward